Brandon Phillips

Getting a Few Pots Made

IMG_1526I spent the first part of today getting pots glazed and mixing some tests.  I've got the little test kiln fired up now.  I should have some new infomation by tomorrow morning.  Hopefully a couple of new accent colors that I'll use in the next firing.

After a break at lunch time I got a few pots made but it seemed that my brain had forgotten how to make cereal bowls.  Well, I did increase the amount of clay by a half pound and it took about 6 tries before I was happy with the new pot.  I couldn't get the curve right either for some reason.  Anyhow I've settled on 8 for now but probably need to get back in there and crank out another 8 just for good measure.

Brandon has a nice video up on his blog of him making a couple dessert plates.

It's kinda funny how you can do this work for a long time and still have days that just seem really difficult.

I hope everyone's had a good Monday.  I think I'll go make a few more pots!