Just out of the kiln

Some of the pots from yesterdays unloading.


Tomorrow, September 1, is the Gallery Crawl in uptown Shelby.  My work is featured at Two Doors Down, 12 Warren Street.  I also have work at ETC Gift shop in the Arts Council and at Buffalo Creek Gallery, also on Warren St.  I hope the locals will come out and support the arts and our local businesses.

Finished pots

Here is a video of pots from yesterdays unloading.  Many of these pots you have seen getting made and/or decorated over the past week or so.


I'm disappointed that the amber glaze had problems.  Most of the bubbles are on the backs of the dishes.  I'll mark them down and sell them as seconds.  Still nice pots.  I'm going to run some tests with a different recipe over the next few firings and also try applying it by brushing.  These low fire glazes are so finicky.   I'd be happy moving up a few cones if the glazes would behave and provided I didn't loose too much of the redness of the clay body.

I'm looking forward to getting back to making next week.  I'll be throwing more bowls with tall feet and I'd like to get back to experimenting with some box shapes.  The boxes are challenging in both the making and getting the deco on them.  I have also been drawing some vase shapes that I'll try.

All for now, thanks for checking in.

Video Tour

Here's a tour of one of our cupboards.  I had fun doing this and I'll do another one soon.


Sorry I used the word 'nice' so much.  I didn't even notice I was doing it until I got finished and watched the video.

I didn't realize the camera timed out about 2 minutes before I finished. So I just faded out at the end.  You only missed about 3 bowls, I'll get them in next time.

Thanks for watching.  That was fun.

Getting a Few Pots Made

IMG_1526I spent the first part of today getting pots glazed and mixing some tests.  I've got the little test kiln fired up now.  I should have some new infomation by tomorrow morning.  Hopefully a couple of new accent colors that I'll use in the next firing.

After a break at lunch time I got a few pots made but it seemed that my brain had forgotten how to make cereal bowls.  Well, I did increase the amount of clay by a half pound and it took about 6 tries before I was happy with the new pot.  I couldn't get the curve right either for some reason.  Anyhow I've settled on 8 for now but probably need to get back in there and crank out another 8 just for good measure.

Brandon has a nice video up on his blog of him making a couple dessert plates.

It's kinda funny how you can do this work for a long time and still have days that just seem really difficult.

I hope everyone's had a good Monday.  I think I'll go make a few more pots!

All in all...

it's been a very good day.  I started off making mugs and moved on to jars.  After several failed attempts at getting anything worth a hoot I moved on to 8lb bowls.  I made 6 of these, various shapes each one.


The jars will have to wait for another day I guess.  I only managed two that were 6 lb. Notice that lovely mug I drank my tea from all day.


I have LOTS of pots under plastic waiting to be drawn on.  Tomorrow all that will happen.


The porch framing is all finished up!  Shade, yay!  Now for all the small tidbits to finish it up.  But that will wait for a weekend job, when my helpers show up and only expect to be paid in beer.


Detail from one of the large bowls.


Well like a said, not a bad day.  I'm ready for a cool shower and then on to supper.  Maybe a bit of relaxation out on the porch later on too.  Good evening all.