Just out of the kiln

Some of the pots from yesterdays unloading.


Tomorrow, September 1, is the Gallery Crawl in uptown Shelby.  My work is featured at Two Doors Down, 12 Warren Street.  I also have work at ETC Gift shop in the Arts Council and at Buffalo Creek Gallery, also on Warren St.  I hope the locals will come out and support the arts and our local businesses.

Modern Technology

Yesterday afternoon I went over to Gene Young's studio to check out his new Geil kiln. Gene and Leon where finishing up the first bisque firing in the new kiln . This gas kiln can be programmed and pretty much fire itself. The computer even controls the damper. It was pretty weird watching the damper adjust itself. You can hook up your laptop and get all sorts of information and chart the firing or cooling and atmosphere.
Pretty fancy stuff.
Maybe one day all you woodfirers will be able to sit back and hit a button "STOKE", "STOKE", "STOKE". Ha, just kidding, why on earth would you want to do that right?

On a related note the other night I told Sarah I was going out to light my kiln. That's what I've always said over the years when I was going out to get the salt kiln going. Well, I was just going out to push a button on the electric kiln that says "start". Not nearly the same as striking a match and really 'lighting the kiln'. Oh well, I'll be back lighting my kiln with a match someday soon I'm sure.