Just out of the kiln

Some of the pots from yesterdays unloading.


Tomorrow, September 1, is the Gallery Crawl in uptown Shelby.  My work is featured at Two Doors Down, 12 Warren Street.  I also have work at ETC Gift shop in the Arts Council and at Buffalo Creek Gallery, also on Warren St.  I hope the locals will come out and support the arts and our local businesses.

Announcements and Video #2

I want to let you all know that I now have some pots at Mudfire Gallery in Decatur, Ga.  Only a small selection presently but hopefully I'll have more there in the future.

Also, my work will be available at the Rivercross Market in Valle Crusis, NC when they open this month.  Hopefully there will be more info on their website soon.

And finally I've been asked to participate this year in the Lillstreet Holiday Sale.  I'll be sending them 20 pots in November.  I am very excited to be part of this event.

Speaking of Lillstreet Art Center, the 3rd Lillstreet International exhibition is online.  The exhibition is entitled Bowl Me Over and I have two pieces in the show.  Click HERE to view.

Tomorrow, Friday Aug. 2oth, I am going to announce a CONTEST.

Here is another video of cutting a foot, this time a little bit bigger bowl and taller foot.  Enjoy.


Cutting a Wide Foot

Hey there.  Just shot a quick video showing how I cut a foot on a small shallow dish.  I like the wide dimension of these feet and that they are sort of deep.  I have this in mind when making these so plenty of clay is left at the making stage.  The cutting of the foot, the marks made, the shape and size of the foot is another chance to make an expression on/ with the pot.  The tool used creates a specific mark too, or the way the tool is held.

Feet shouldn't be afterthoughts.  Plan them when making the pot.  There are many variations to choose from, this is just one.


Thanks for watching.

Happy Belated Birthday

Warren Mackenzie had a birthday on the 16th of this month.  I usually try to remember it and write a post about Warren.  Well, I forgot this year again.

The small grayish bowl in the center of the picture was made by Warren.  We have a couple of these and they are handy little prep. bowls, also good for condiments, or nuts.  I think they are funny pots. Just look at those handles stuck on there!! Ha. Great.

So I had to make a few to pay homage to my pottery hero.  Mine are a bit shallower but I stuck with the odd handles.

Happy late birthday Warren (not that you'd ever be found wasting time on the computer).  It's the thought that counts.