Finished pots

Here is a video of pots from yesterdays unloading.  Many of these pots you have seen getting made and/or decorated over the past week or so.


I'm disappointed that the amber glaze had problems.  Most of the bubbles are on the backs of the dishes.  I'll mark them down and sell them as seconds.  Still nice pots.  I'm going to run some tests with a different recipe over the next few firings and also try applying it by brushing.  These low fire glazes are so finicky.   I'd be happy moving up a few cones if the glazes would behave and provided I didn't loose too much of the redness of the clay body.

I'm looking forward to getting back to making next week.  I'll be throwing more bowls with tall feet and I'd like to get back to experimenting with some box shapes.  The boxes are challenging in both the making and getting the deco on them.  I have also been drawing some vase shapes that I'll try.

All for now, thanks for checking in.

Video: Throwing a Foot on a Bowl

I recently purchased a Stan Anderson cup with a thrown foot ring.  I tried my hand at this and was happy with the resulting cups.

I like the tall foot and the unique statement it gives to the pots.  It's a different feeling from a cut foot ring: having a softer feeling to it.  I like also that it has the opportunity to carry some throwing marks and carry on the feeling of the rim of the pot if you choose.

So I moved on to some bowls.  Here's a clip showing how it's done.


The bowls drying:

And a slipped bowl ready to be decorated.

I've decided to slip the outside of these leaving the rim and foot ring bare to show the red clay.  The interior will get some deco as well as the exterior.

Quick Studio Ramble


I spent the better part of the morning at the Cleveland County Arts Council helping hang the Mystery Art show.  Opening is this Thursday.  These are all 5" x 7" works.  Each is selling for the super low price of $35 (or maybe $40 I can't remember).   All proceeds go to the Arts Council.  The show should be online, where you can also purchase, sometime Friday.

I had 4 entries.  Here's one.

Michael Kline and Brad Lail stop by



I had a visit from Michael Kline yesterday.  We had a good chat and were later joined by our friend Brad Lail.  It was nice to hang out with these guys for the afternoon, we drank oolong, talked pots, and enjoyed some ginger cookies that Michael had brought from the Penland coffee house.  Of course we all had our cameras on hand as you can see from the pics below.

I hope you enjoyed the videos.  I don't have any production skills so you pretty much get whatever I shoot.  Maybe later I can learn to edit them a bit.  Thanks for stopping by.

(For a fun drinking game watch that second video again and take a shot every time I say the word 'combing ' .  Ha. I'm such a dork sometimes)