All in all...

it's been a very good day.  I started off making mugs and moved on to jars.  After several failed attempts at getting anything worth a hoot I moved on to 8lb bowls.  I made 6 of these, various shapes each one.


The jars will have to wait for another day I guess.  I only managed two that were 6 lb. Notice that lovely mug I drank my tea from all day.


I have LOTS of pots under plastic waiting to be drawn on.  Tomorrow all that will happen.


The porch framing is all finished up!  Shade, yay!  Now for all the small tidbits to finish it up.  But that will wait for a weekend job, when my helpers show up and only expect to be paid in beer.


Detail from one of the large bowls.


Well like a said, not a bad day.  I'm ready for a cool shower and then on to supper.  Maybe a bit of relaxation out on the porch later on too.  Good evening all.