What's Happening

The Creatures of the Night Exhibition at MudFire Gallery opens this Saturday, Aug. 6th.  There is some really cool work in this show.  You can click HERE to see the preview.  The show will be online and pots for sale online so no matter where you are you can participate.  MudFire has really kicked it up a notch with their new website.  Check in there often!

I've been invited to quite a few shows over the next few months and into next year.  I have to say I'm really happy to be getting my work out there more.  Also, whenever I am invited to and exhibition or show it pushes me to come up with new ideas or to fine tune some of the work that I have been doing.  For the Creatures show I came up with some really cool bat imagery.

I sold both of the rectangular boxes in the past two weeks.

I am happy to know that I can work at this scale and put a good amount of effort into these sorts of pots and get paid what I ask.  Living here in 'big pot' country NC I've felt like I have to make bigger scale work to command any attention or to have more expensive 'show' pieces.  Of course that's just a notion of my own that I've created.  So it's important for me to see that I can do what I want and move past that notion.

Last week I sent out an email letting folks know about all the new work in my Etsy shop.  That created a little bit of a buying frenzy which was nice.  If you'd like to receive emails please sign up in the right hand side bar. Thanks!!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Thanks for checking in.  ~Ron


Coffee with Michael

Michael_simon_mugSunday morning coffee.

This Michael Simon cup is my favorite coffee cup.  Michael isn't making pots anymore due to health problems but in my opinion he's made some of the very best pots in America.

This cup is slighltly ovaled and the handle is terribly thin at the curve.  Michael's pots have great volume, visually and physically.  I love the fragility of the handle.  This cup has become stained on the inside from years of use in our home.  I'll probably never be able to get another cup like this but that isn't keeping me from using it on a regular basis.  I take my time when I use this pot, I feel very connected to it and to the maker.  It's a cup that is quiet, but speaks to me time and time again.