Maria Dondero

Piling Up Greenware and A Couple of Announcements

I know things have been sitting too long when the mud dabbers start building nests in my teapot handles!!

I've got loads of blank pots on the shelves.  Today I start decorating.  I'll do Clothesline drawings first as they are burnt in my memory.  Then move on to Animals and Plants etc.

Plus there are another 30 plates and bowls in the studio that I didn't photograph.  Whew.

It was around this time last year that I was getting very excited about heading up to Penland for a two week class with Ayumi Horie.

Here are a couple images from that time.

Those were good times for sure.

Ayumi is having an online sale tomorrow. Click here to see the preview and get there tomorrow because pots go fast!

Maria Dondero in Athens, Ga. is having an Open House and Summer Sale this weekend.  Maria was in class with me at Penland and I really love her work.  Check her website out HERE for more info.

Okay back to it! Have a great day everyone.