More From the Penland Weekend

Here are a few more pics from my trip up to Penland.

Above: Looking at pots in Micheal Kline's yard.  MK had put the pots out for his studio sale a few weeks ago. Since then the grass has grown so it was a bit like searching for four leaf clovers.

Soda fired porcelain at Gay Smith's pottery.

A tall vase at Stan Anderson's studio.

Michael Hunt (in red) talking to students in front of the showroom.

Recent pots from the Hunt/Dalgish kiln.


Pots from Shawn Ireland's latest wood firing.

More of Shawn's pottery.  Shawn will be having a Home Sale this Friday, Sat, and Sun during the Trac Studio tour.

Stanley Mace Anderson

Ronan took his class out to visit several potter's studios in the Penland area while I was there.  I was excited to hear that they were going out to Stanley Mace Anderson's pottery, so I decided to go along too.

Stan is an icon in the majolica world.  He's been producing his unique style of majolica pottery since the late 70's. (See article HERE).

Stan was very generous and talked to us all about his pots and process.  I love Stan's brushwork and the expressive quality of his forms and decoration.  He had shelves of work waiting to be decorated.

He had been working here at his wheel on some trays when we arrived.

This next image is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in a workshop. Stan's pots of colored stains.  I imagine these have been 'growing' here as they have been used over the past 2+ decades.

There were also shelves full of finished works.  Cups, yunomi, bowls of various sizes, many, many plates, platters, and other tableware.  All useful, all beautiful and rich in color.  I had to have a yunomi.

Stan shared that he has been brushing some white slip onto the work at the leather hard stage. This is not normally done in majolica.  The slip is loosely brushed over certain areas and sometimes he will scratch through it.  The slip gives some sense of movement under the majolica glaze and the marks give some texture.  I thought this was really brilliant.

I totally fell in love with the separately thrown and added foot on the yunomi.

I'll be trying this soon.  Stan also does this on some tall footed bowls and tureens, as well as ewers and tall teapot forms.

This is the first majolica pot I have ever bought!!  I am happy that it's one of Stan's and I'm pretty sure next time I go back I'll be getting a plate.


Penland Weekend

Good day from Penland School!  I came up yesterday to be a visiting artist for Ronan Peterson who is teaching a class here this session.  It was so nice for Ronan to ask me to come up for a couple of days and it's really been fun for me to share some of what I know with his class.

A few early birds in the studio on Sunday morning.

Collaboration in progress between Ronan and me. (Thanks to Mark Errol for suggesting that I do the Rabbit motif and placement on right hand jar)

A few of Ronan's finished pots.

Some of the pots Ronan is working on.

Today we are going out to visit some potter's studios in the area.  I'm looking forward to that, but first Brunch!!  The food here at Penland is always delicious.

More later.

Happy Friday Everyone

Yay Friday!!  Where did this week go?  Well who cares, I've got a good weekend planned and I'm ready to get on with it.

I'm heading up to Penland School to visit with Ronan Peterson's class and do a couple demos for them.  It will be nice to have some time there in that environment full of energy and creativity!

Here's a paper cut that I've been working on this morning.

I am doing okay getting the outlines done, I have to work on getting the little detail cuts inside now.  This is approx. 7" x 4" or so I think.

I broke a pot yesterday and Sarah just broke one this morning! Not good.  Thankfully they were both ones that I had made.  I broke a nice cereal bowl with an Owl and Sarah broke her favorite coffee mug, an Obamaware pot that I made back in 2008.

Thanks to everyone who viewed the videos.  More to come.

Visit to Bandana Pottery

After leaving Kline's on Saturday I took winding NC Hwy 80 over to visit Bandana Pottery where Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish were having their Pottery Sale.  Shawn Ireland was  showing with them.

I've known Michael and Shawn for some years now and have always loved the way they approach clay and make pots.  They both make good use of local materials and fire with wood.  Their pots have an ancient look to them.

Shawn Ireland Candle Sticks

Shawn and Jo in front of some of Shawn's pots

Some of Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalgish's Pottery

Naomi with Jeff and Martha from Johnston City, TN

I should have taken more images but I was too busy catching up with everyone, looking at all the great pots and eating watermelon.  I ended up buying a small Ram dish from Shawn.  I could have left with a lot more but I'm on a bit of a pottery budget these days.  I didn't get a pic of Michael Hunt either.

Here is the Ram Dish along side my Sheep.  Ha.

For more images visit the Bandana Website HERE.

and Shawn Ireland HERE. and HERE.

Saturday Outting

I drove up to the Penland/Bakersville area Saturday to deliver pots to Crimson Laurel Gallery.  If you've never been to Crimson Laurel I highly recommend it.  They are easily one of the finest ceramic galleries on the east coast.

I left them with over 40 pots so they are well stocked with my new work.  I got a message from one of the owners at the end of the day saying that they sold 6 of the new pots after they were put out.  Awesome!!

After dropping off pots, I headed over the Sawdust and Dirt headquarters to have a visit with Michael Kline.  It's always good hanging with Michael.  We talked about blogging and the internet (of course) as well as marketing, how to get folks out to our pottery shops, the beauty of iron rich glazes, and cup shapes.  (Just to name a few things).  We also invented a new device that will come in handy for millions, just as soon as we work out the kinks and get the patent.

Michael's daughters, Lillian and Evelyn, joined us in the studio too.  Michael received this tee shirt from Simon Levin in the mail.  Evelyn modeled it for us.

We had a great lunch that Stacey and the girls made for us out on the picnic table.  Of course we were surrounded by fine pots.

After lunch Michael introduced me to the new chickens and we talked more about guessed it, pots and the internet and selling and just all that great stuff.

It was great to have some time with MK and his family.  I left with plenty to think about as I made my way on the winding mountain roads over to Bandana Pottery.

(Check back later for my post on the Bandana Pottery Sale and my visit there)

Piling Up Greenware and A Couple of Announcements

I know things have been sitting too long when the mud dabbers start building nests in my teapot handles!!

I've got loads of blank pots on the shelves.  Today I start decorating.  I'll do Clothesline drawings first as they are burnt in my memory.  Then move on to Animals and Plants etc.

Plus there are another 30 plates and bowls in the studio that I didn't photograph.  Whew.

It was around this time last year that I was getting very excited about heading up to Penland for a two week class with Ayumi Horie.

Here are a couple images from that time.

Those were good times for sure.

Ayumi is having an online sale tomorrow. Click here to see the preview and get there tomorrow because pots go fast!

Maria Dondero in Athens, Ga. is having an Open House and Summer Sale this weekend.  Maria was in class with me at Penland and I really love her work.  Check her website out HERE for more info.

Okay back to it! Have a great day everyone.

Earthenware Journey

It's been just over 2 years since I made the big switch to earthenware.  If you are interested in seeing the progress you can go back in the Archives (right sidebar) to January 2008 and move forward from there.

Just to give you an idea of where I started, here is the  post I made after my first glaze firing. Click HERE.

And here is a platter from that period.

And a recent platter:

There have been some significant steps along the way.  Doug and Hannah have both been very encouraging and have turned me on to loads of great pots.

I have looked at Margaret Brampton's pots for encouragement on using color.

Of course my two weeks at Penland with Ayumi Horie were very influential for me.    I came back from that experience and jumped in feet first into my decoration.  That's been 8 months ago now and while I continue to work with red clay, white slip, clear and colored glazes I feel like my decoration is becoming more and more my own.  I am certainly putting more time than ever into drawing on my pots.  I was fortunate in that I had put many years into working on my forms when I was making salt glaze.  It's nice not to have too many problems to work on at once.

Right after I left Penland I became fascinated with Medieval Majolica from Italy.  Thankfully there are some nice images on the Internet.  See Here for one.

I moved up from that time period to more current Italian majolica,1500, 1600's.   And then on to pots that were made in this country in the 1700 and 1800's.

Thank goodness for the Internet and all it's resources.

When I first thought about making earthenware pots I knew I wanted them to be fun and accessible.  I think I am accomplishing that.  It's neat to see how humorous some of the old English slipware was.

Living out here in the country of NC offers many subjects for my work.  I've spoken before about how we are surrounded by cows and goats, squirrels and rabbits.  Most recently I've started incorporating more flowers and foliage into the decoration.  I imagine that will certainly pick up speed as the honeysuckles begin to flower and the garden takes shape.  I look forward to that.

Well, I just wanted to do a bit of a recap.  It's good for me and I know I could have certainly gone into more depth here on various areas.  For now, I'd best get out to the studio and make some bowls.  I hope you all have a good week.

Where's My Breakfast?

367px-pitcher_iznik_louvre_oa7595 I managed to get about half way through my studio clean up yesterday.  I swear Karma has sheaded off enough hair to make another small dog.

I've also been pouring over books and internet sites looking at Iznik pots and imagery and at German folk pots.  I expect to be making some work later in the week, maybe, and playing around with new ideas from these sources.

I made a few pots at Penland with botanical deco. and I think that may be a direction I take for a while as I explore my animals in my sketchbook (instead of on pots).    The two will probably merge later.

I'm sure I'll come no where close to the beautiful palette of those Iznik pots.  I'm gonna be busting out some of my old glaze tests searching for a blue that I like. ( I wish I'd played around with more of those Amaco glazes at Penland).

I still haven't completely unpacked my truck.  All my tiles are in there and I want to get them out and have a look again.  I'm meeting my clay pals Amy and Jen tomorrow for a couple hours to talk pots.  I look forward to that.

Okay well, it's time for breakfast.  For some reason it's not ready and waiting on me here like it was at Penland......bummer.