Saturday Outting

I drove up to the Penland/Bakersville area Saturday to deliver pots to Crimson Laurel Gallery.  If you've never been to Crimson Laurel I highly recommend it.  They are easily one of the finest ceramic galleries on the east coast.

I left them with over 40 pots so they are well stocked with my new work.  I got a message from one of the owners at the end of the day saying that they sold 6 of the new pots after they were put out.  Awesome!!

After dropping off pots, I headed over the Sawdust and Dirt headquarters to have a visit with Michael Kline.  It's always good hanging with Michael.  We talked about blogging and the internet (of course) as well as marketing, how to get folks out to our pottery shops, the beauty of iron rich glazes, and cup shapes.  (Just to name a few things).  We also invented a new device that will come in handy for millions, just as soon as we work out the kinks and get the patent.

Michael's daughters, Lillian and Evelyn, joined us in the studio too.  Michael received this tee shirt from Simon Levin in the mail.  Evelyn modeled it for us.

We had a great lunch that Stacey and the girls made for us out on the picnic table.  Of course we were surrounded by fine pots.

After lunch Michael introduced me to the new chickens and we talked more about guessed it, pots and the internet and selling and just all that great stuff.

It was great to have some time with MK and his family.  I left with plenty to think about as I made my way on the winding mountain roads over to Bandana Pottery.

(Check back later for my post on the Bandana Pottery Sale and my visit there)

Weekend's End

Well it's Sunday evening and the weekend is over. Not too much exciting news to report though. Mainly we hung out at home, but did have some time with family and watched a couple movies and some of the Olympic games.

I also got pumped up after reading some posts on Emily Murphy's blog and also on Colorado Art Studio. It was in regard to using (or switching to) as a blogging platform. It seems this has lots of advantages. I won't go into it, just read Emily's or Cynthia's posts. They cover it well. What is inviting to me is that I could have multiple pages and that I can set it up on a host (which I will have to pay for) and have my own domain name. I feel like this blog has opened lots of doors for me and I want to say up to date with it and have the features avaliable to me to allow it to grow and provide the information I want to my readers. I'm not sure when this switch will happen but I'm reading up on the whole thing and trying to make my mind up. One nice feature is that I can take all my content from the past 3 yrs or so of being on Blogger and have it transfered to the Wordpress site. So nothing will be lost in that regard.

I shot some images for Etsy today, I have to resize them and get it all ready to put up on the site. I also made up some test slips and spoke to Leon about helping me with my glaze crazing issue. I am hoping he can get me a little closer to what I need using his computer glaze software.

That's it for now. Here's a quick shot from the showroom.