Decoration Day and Loading the Bisque

I had a great day decorating pots.  I am getting ready for my Holiday Sale and the Hen House Sale.

Here is a pic I took when I was getting started this morning.

And a bit of video as I was finishing up.


I have several boards of plates to go as well as mugs.  Those will be in the next bisque along with those platters.  Okay off for now.  Be sure to check out the Online Store if you haven't in a few days.  There is some nice work on there.

Hope everyone has a good Friday evening.

Bisque Jugs

These harvest jugs stayed under plastic for about two weeks. I just did not know what to do with the decoration. They were supposed to go to an event to be fired but I was so intimidated by it all that of course I waited until it was too late to attempt to decorate them and send them out. So here is it, past the deadline, I have nothing to lose and I do the decoration, which did not turn out so bad after all I guess.

I set myself up like this all the time. Fear keeps me from doing many things. I regret I did not follow through with these, but maybe I learned a little something and will be one step closer to taking a chance and putting myself out there in the future

These two images are of the same pot with the bird tree deco. just different angles.