clary illian

Clary Illian Jar

UPS arrived this morning bringing the jar I bought from the Clary Illian exhibit at Akar last month.

I LOVE it!!!  Clary is Amazing and she has switched to earthenware in last few years.  We have several of her stoneware pots and soda fired pots but this is the first piece of her earthenware we have.  I really like how she is leaving much of the clay bare and unglazed.   The knob is classic Clary.  It's a great jar.  I'll be filling it with cookies soon.
Clary Illian Jar.   8.25 x 11.75"

I had also ordered some supplies from Bailey Ceramics.  Among them was this cool glaze ladle.  I'll be putting it to use soon.

Clary Illian: A Year in the Life

I had the privilege awhile back of being asked to pre-view the film A Year in Life about potter Clary Illian.  Clary has been a big inspiration in my work and I was fortunate enough to take a class with her at Arrowmont several years ago and later Sarah and I visited her at her pottery in Ely, Iowa.

The film documents Clary during a time of transition in her life and work.  After a wrist injury Clary is forced to stop working for several months.  Something she's never done in her career.  She talks about this time and also about the decision to scale down her pottery operation by moving to a smaller house, giving up her stoneware and porcelain , her gas kilns and make the change to electric fired earthenware.  (Of course I was very interested in this aspect).

There is a slide show of over 150 of Clary's pots.  That alone is worth the $30.  There are also a couple of interviews with other potters and an extended interview sequence with Clary.

For more information, and out takes from the film,  you can visit THIS WEBSITE.  Film maker Adam Burke did a great job on this film. I for one am thankful to have this documentary on Clary, who many consider to be one of America's finest utilitarian potters.