Rainy day but the pots are looking good.

It's been a monsoon here for the past two days.  I hope all this moves out before the weekend.

I've been kicking it in the studio since we got home from vacation.  I'll unload my second glaze kiln tomorrow.  I've got some really sweet pots coming out of the kiln.   I had to laugh out loud at some of the drawings on the cups when I unloaded the other day.  That's pretty cool, getting a response from the work like that.

The pots I used to make in the salt kiln were more subtle and quiet, these drawn on pots are direct and often elicit responses from people as soon as they pick them up.  I know I've heard (and probably preached) that pots that tell it all right up front may loose their appeal quickly.  I don't think that is necessarily always the case.  I have found that I enjoy these pots day in and day out.  Hell, I even talk to them sometimes.  And they make me feel good.  The forms have a good bit to offer too and may be the part of these pots are more subtle and casual.  Whatever the case, I am happy with them and at the same time I want them to keep getting better.  I want to keep asking more of them and see where it takes me and the work.  A good place to be.

I'm listing some new pots in the Online Shop today.