Pulling a Fitch

After watching Doug make several jugs while he was here it's only fitting that I felt the need to have a go at a few.  Doug makes it all look easy and it's really fun to watch him make a big jug all in one go by using the weedburner to speed things along.

I made these two today and they seem okay for the most part.  They are about 11" tall and rounder than most pitchers I usually make.  I used the burner and got them this far.

I'm going to let them rest over night before coating them in slip.

I haven't really felt like blogging too much to tell you the truth.  After having Doug and Hannah here for so long it's not very fulfilling to be here in the virtual world. " There's nothing like the real thing baby."

I'm sure I'll get back in the swing of it as time goes on.  I'm struggling with being a bit down and I feel like one of the best things I can do is practice being in the present moment.  Maybe I can blog about that.  Well, we'll see.  For now it's back outside for some time w. Karma and then off to the Gallery Crawl in town.

Cheers everyone!

Brad Tucker

Our guest at the Circle show this time was Brad Tucker from Creedmore, NC. I heard Brad's name early on when I started making pots. My mentor, Tom Gray ,told me about him and mentioned that Brad was one of the best pitcher makers around. Well this weekend I finally got one of Brad's jugs. It's a small one but boy it's really wonderful, nice and light with a sharp lip and good balance. Sarah and I put it to use yesterday morning when we used it to pour the maple syrup over our pancakes. I should have broken down and got a bigger one....well I guess I'll just have to make the trip out to Creedmoor soon.

Thanks Brad for coming out and being our guest.