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More From the Penland Weekend

Here are a few more pics from my trip up to Penland.

Above: Looking at pots in Micheal Kline's yard.  MK had put the pots out for his studio sale a few weeks ago. Since then the grass has grown so it was a bit like searching for four leaf clovers.

Soda fired porcelain at Gay Smith's pottery.

A tall vase at Stan Anderson's studio.

Michael Hunt (in red) talking to students in front of the showroom.

Recent pots from the Hunt/Dalgish kiln.


Pots from Shawn Ireland's latest wood firing.

More of Shawn's pottery.  Shawn will be having a Home Sale this Friday, Sat, and Sun during the Trac Studio tour.

Visit to Bandana Pottery

After leaving Kline's on Saturday I took winding NC Hwy 80 over to visit Bandana Pottery where Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish were having their Pottery Sale.  Shawn Ireland was  showing with them.

I've known Michael and Shawn for some years now and have always loved the way they approach clay and make pots.  They both make good use of local materials and fire with wood.  Their pots have an ancient look to them.

Shawn Ireland Candle Sticks

Shawn and Jo in front of some of Shawn's pots

Some of Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalgish's Pottery

Naomi with Jeff and Martha from Johnston City, TN

I should have taken more images but I was too busy catching up with everyone, looking at all the great pots and eating watermelon.  I ended up buying a small Ram dish from Shawn.  I could have left with a lot more but I'm on a bit of a pottery budget these days.  I didn't get a pic of Michael Hunt either.

Here is the Ram Dish along side my Sheep.  Ha.

For more images visit the Bandana Website HERE.

and Shawn Ireland HERE. and HERE.