A Few More of my Older Pots

Here are a few more images of shino pots that are around our house.  You can see the W. Mackenzie influence in the finger wipes.

I think all of these have the Virgina Wirt Shino on them.  This bowl had some wood ash sprinkled on it just after it was glazed.  It's approx. 15" diameter.  It's gotten bumped at some point and has a crack in the rim.

This next jar is about 14" high.  Same glaze and wipe technique.  The bottom was thrown and slightly squared.  Then I added a coil at the shoulder and finished throwing the base. I like the change in direction I can get from that technique and from the line that forms there.

This next jar has some iron brushwork and Reeve's green dots. It's about 14" tall too.

These pots were all fired in my cone 10 propane kiln that I had for several years.  It was a car kiln and was so nice.  It was easy to load and fired like a dream.  I mostly used shinos, temmoku, and a couple matt glazes when I had that kiln.  I also experimented with copper red and had good results.  I'll see if I can dig up a few more pots to show here.

Here's a little sketch from my note book this morning.  Maybe these patterns will find their way onto some pots soon.

Thanks for checking in.


Morning Tea with Lisa Hammond

I'm having my tea in this mug made by Lisa Hammond. Soda glazed stoneware.  If I could go work with Lisa for 6 months I'd be in heaven.

Lisa's new website is still under construction but you can visit it HERE.

For more pots Click Here.

I'm heading up to Allentown, Pa on Friday to teach a workshop over the weekend.  I'll be spending the rest of this week getting ready for that so little or no potting.  I'll be catching up on my blog reading though and hopefully getting in a post or two.

Thanks for all the comments on the hats. That was fun.