southern fried chicken

Price's Chicken Coop

IMG_1524I've been hearing about Price's Chicken Coop for years.  It's a Charlotte  landmark, in business since 1962.  I've driven by a couple times when in the city to see what it's like.  Today I finally stopped.  I have to say I've never stopped before because I was a bit intimidated by the crowds and I've heard you have to know what you're doing when you go in there.  Ha.  I know that's kind of silly but still...

So today I'm in Charlotte picking up some clay and it's around 2pm and I decide that I'm going to Price's.  It's after the lunch rush so the place is pretty quiet and I follow a businessman in through the front doors.  There's a couple of small lines, just enough time for me to scan the menu board, step up and order.  Easy.

I ordered a 1/4 chicken sandwich. White.  And a side of potato salad.  The lady was real nice (she knew it was my first time I bet).

This is what I got...

IMG_1525Now, I had talked to folks and I knew what to expect.  As a matter of fact it's why I ordered the sandwich.  I knew that it was gonna be a bun with two pieces of bone-in chicken in the middle.  Cool huh!!

Since I had ordered the white meat I got a breast and a wing.

IMG_1526Price's is take out only. So I sat out in my truck on the side of the street and slowly picked the meat off the bones of  this juicy, delicious fried chicken. On the other side of the street, parked in the opposite direction as me, the business man was doing the same. (Except he was driving a big SUV and wearing a tie).

I ate the potato salad and bun as side items.  The chicken was amazing.  I'm going back to Charlotte on Saturday and there's a good chance you may find me on the side of the street there again.