I have my bisque going this morning, it will probably be slow and long since a few things are still a bit damp. I am getting excted about my next firing which is early next week. Then my Sale that following weekend.

I have a visual arts selection committee meeting at the Arts Council this morning at 10. I am also on the board there and we are starting our fund drive for the year soon. I am not too excited about this. It's my first year on the board so this is all new to me. I am very supportative of the AC and I like being active but I hate asking people for money. I guess I need to detach myself from it in a personal way and realize that I am doing it for the good of the AC. Asking for things is very hard for me, especially money. Maybe I'll bring it up to some folks there and see what they suggest that could be helpful.

It is nice and Spring-like out today. I love this time of year. I need to try and savor it before the summer heat and humity kicks in.

Dad and I have been working on my renovation some this week and plan to work tomorrow. I need to start cleaning the studio and showroom and getting a jump on setting up for my Pottery Sale which is March 31 and April 1. If you want to receive more info. let me know. I hope we have a good turnout, I have LOTS of good pots.

Well I am off to walk Karma and then have a bite to eat before heading to town. I hope you all have a great day.