He keeps going and going....

I have been hard at it for the past couple days. I had a great firing. Really nice soda on the bowls and some cool side fired flasks. Today I packed up all my boxes for the ACC show in Charlotte this weekend. Whew, LOTS of pottery!!!! I have been in front of the computer for the past 2.5 hrs working on images for the Philbeck Studios Newsletter which comes out next week I hope. Also doing computer work for the Carolina Claymatters Pottery Guild, I am their newsletter editor. I didn't get to go trick or treating tonight. Ha. I am ready for a warm cup of tea. Here are some images from this weekend's firing. Unloading the back stack.
Hot yunomi.
Keg. This pot was influenced by a picture I saw of a pot made in Korea in the 15th century.
Yi dynasty.

Thumbs up!! Killer firing.

88.7 fm is featuring Frank Zappa's A Weasel ate my Flesh ( I think) tonight in it's entirety. Frank is out there, I bet he and George Orr would have had some good times.