Movin' On

The American Craft Council show is over so there is some relief on my part although I still have plenty to do before the end of the year. This was my first year in ACC so it was exciting to be there. My booth and pots looked great. I was proud to be part of this great group of craftspeople from all across the nation.
I heard that public attendance was down this year which explains the lower than normal sales. I did come away with many new customers as well as a few who stroked my ego a bit (of course I am totally uneffected by that). :-)
I saw many familiar faces as well, and felt like I was the local boy on the block, at least on my row in the show.
One highlight was when Tom Gray from Seagrove showed up late in the day on Friday. I couldn't believe he was there. Tom has been so supportive of me from my beginnings in clay and I owe so much to him. He always has time for me when I call and we now regularly bounce ideas off one another and get inspired by each other's work. It was so good to see him and walk around the show together and then have dinner afterwords.
I came right home and got back to work making pots. I have some fresh ideas that are eating away at me and I plan to fire again just in time for the Home Sale, which is the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am doing some drawing on some pots, inspired by African art and Pueblo Indian pottery. This will be done mostly on some trays, and jars, maybe plates too.
Anyhow I better get to work. More later I hope.