Just Another Manic Monday...

la, la, wish it was Sunday, la, la
Remember that song by The Bangles?

Okay today wasn't really manic instead it was sort of slow and sticky and fuzzy and cloudy. Nice. Maybe it has to do with this build up of sinus pressure I am battling. I did get some pots made. Today is my last wet day for a while I think. I will fire next Monday and my Open House is the Friday, Sat. and Sun. after Thanksgiving, as well as the following weekend.
Philbeck Studios Newsletters went out today and I will have a pdf file up for viewing ASAP.

The show I did in Shelby this past Saturday was a great success for me. Lots of my local customers came out and got pots. I am so grateful for the local support I have. It's cool knowing I have pots in so many homes nearby.
I also connected with someone who bought a pot of mine from a garden center over 10 years ago. He send me a pic of it today, it was a pretty good pot, a shallow bowl with handles, and it has been used daily all this time. That was pretty neat.

I am going back down to throw a few yunomi tonight. Those will be the last pots for this load. Tomorrow I will cut feet on plates and bowls etc, slip pots and get things drying out. The warm weather has been helpful in that regard.