Catching Up

Sorry for the long lapse between posts. Here is a bit of an update as to what I have been doing.

I have been to the Mint Museum of Craft and Design twice in as many weeks to see the Don Reitz exhibiton. AWESOME!

The county was hit by a major winter storm less than a week ago that produced mainly ice, leaving many without power. We were spared.

I made two earthenware slab paintings using commercial slips for my niece and nephew. I have to fire them and then I'll post a picture.

I haven't read any books since The Power of One. Mostly keeping myself entertained with magazines, pottery books, and Food TV.

Today I FINALLY mixed clay. I am glad that's done.

I want to get back to work in the studio after Christmas working on some dinnerware orders and pots for an upcoming exhibiton. I have been drawing some but don't know if any of this will work it's way onto any pots. The wall slabs were fun to do and may be where I put my clay-drawing energy for now, as opposed to drawing on pots. This will allow me to experiment and learn some mark making skills without ruining pots.

I have changed the 'comment' software for this Journal Page. I think it is easier to use now. Give it a go if you don't mind, I welcome your comments, etc.