I have mainly been chilling out since the Home Sale. I did make two trips out of town this week to deliver pots to galleries. Other than that I am not putting much effort into anything except reading, and drawing a bit. I just finished reading A Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. It is an awesome book, I can't say I've read anything that good in a long, long time. It is set in South Africa in the early forties and follows a young boy into adulthood. It had me laughing, crying, cheering, cringing, feeling angry, frustrated, elated, and over joyed. And it has a hell of an ending. Read it soon, your local library probably has a copy. I had to have a little history lesson via Wikipedia regarding certain peoples referred to in the book, ie the Boers and Afrikaners.
I need to mix clay on the next semi warm day, hopefully next week. I have a couple of dinnerware orders to fill and I am looking forward to exploring some new ideas.
It is wonderful having Sarah home from school for an extended period. I don't think she has to go back until the second week in Jan. Right now she's in the kitchen making pecan pies.