Sunday Morning

Last night Sarah and I went out with another couple to Charlotte for dinner and then went to the Actor's Theatre to see a performance of David Sedaris' 'The Santaland Diaires'. The company and dinner were wonderful; the acting was awful. We were all disappointed with the performance especially after spending $20 each for tickets. The guy just couldn't pull off Sedaris, he had no delivery, and stumbled on his lines several times. We all had a good laugh on the way home, actually our reviews of the performance were more funny than the play.

On we way back we drove through McAdenville to see the whole town lit up in Christmas lights. I've only done this once before years ago and I have say it was quite nice.

Sarah and I ended our late evening by watching some clips of the real David Sedaris on Youtube and even a few of his sister, Amy, who is a hoot and has been on Letterman numerous times. She has a group of friends who get together and do crafts. Their name....the Crafty Beavers. I love that. Circle of Eight is a good name but the Crafty Beavers....that's hard to beat.

I think I'm going to dig out our copy of Sedaris' book Naked and give it a read over the next few days.

No pottery news at this time, my clay did come in out of the racks and I have been thinking about my next kiln load. I still have to cast my fireboxes and finish setting the bag walls but that is no big deal. For now I just want to make it through Christmas and relax a bit.

Hope your up coming week is a good one.