I am having sort of weird days since I'm not making pots or working in the pottery. Today and yesterday I spent the morning working on bookwork, updating my mailing and email list and messing around on the computer. Today I hit the hardware store and the grocery, I had lunch in the truck inbetween the two and listened to All Things Considered on NPR. I enjoy radio very much, especially NPR stations and college town stations I can pick up on the computer. Right now I'm streaming WEXP from Seattle, Washington. I don't have an extensive CD or album collection anymore and I don't own an iPod or MP3 player of anykind. I enjoy hearing good quality programming, variety, with cool DJ's, live in studio guests and bands, and the like. I'm mostly into alternative rock, reggae, some techno and dance too. I like jazz but don't really know what kind of jazz I like, I know it when I hear it. I tried for a couple years to like bluegrass and folk but honestly I can't stand most of it now. No commercial radio, or country either. I remember back when I first started making pots that I gave country a try. I was working in an empty migrant house on a friend's family's apple farm. I had a wheel, an old electric kiln, a kerosene heater, and a small radio. I could pick up a country station and that was about it. I listened to that while I worked for about a year. Never again. I like breaks inbetween every 5 or 6 songs with the DJ giving a little set list update and comments.
In my early 20's a friend of mine discovered 88.7 in Spindale, NC broadcasting from Isothermal Community College. We listened mostly at night and into the early morning while out partying or skateboarding or sitting around in the car. They had, and still have, a good alternative late night show. Our favorite show was Joe Frank in the Dark. It's hard to explain but it was usually sort of a weird monologue that went on for about an hour.
Well that's my post for today. I had no idea what I would write when I sat down here. Keep checking in, maybe I'll make some pots.