Here are some qualities I'd like to work on in my pots. Movement, looseness, simplicity, texture, directness, line quality, gesture. That's mostly in the throwing phase. In the kiln I'd like to see color, color change, areas of shiny and matt, salt/soda build up, color change on edges (salt/soda or carbon trapping). I want to work on a new wadding too so the wad marks aren't so stark white. I want to play with some new handles, knobs, and lugs. I have some new slips to try also. Whew, I better get in the studio soon if I'm going to do all this.

Today I am going to Charlotte to drop off a pot, pick up some pots, and have lunch with a friend. I'll probably hit a shop or two also, I need a new drawing journal. I've gotten sort of picky about these and right now I like the Moleskine 5x8 Sketchbook. Here's a cool site featuring Moleskines.