I worked on my kiln some today. I piped one burner around to the front so that now I have a diagonal setup, one burner firing in from the front and the other opposite, firing in from the back. This seems to be a popular setup among UK potters who fire salt and soda. At least that's what I have gleaned from looking at books and websites. My next firing is going to be more of an experiment with this new set up and I'll probably use little or no salt and more soda. After my last firing I have little to lose. Gail Nichols' book has inspired me and January is a good time to try some things (even though I do have some pots due for a show in early Feb. and I am way behind on some special orders). Well, if they get in this load they may be the best pots ever, who knows. I have found some castable in Concord and will try and pick it up early next week.

Today I also replaced the doorknobs on both front doors. Twice. I didn't like the finish on the first ones once I got them on, so off they came and back I went to the hardware store. I always end up doing stuff twice, I never seem to get it right on the first go. I'm happy with them now.