New workspace

I had my first official full workday in the new workshop today. Made some sections for two large jars, some mugs, small pitchers, a couple large pitchers and a board of animal jars. I am almost out of clay until what is in the racks drys out enough to use. That should be the end of the week since we are having some sunny weather. Made all of todays pots except for the animal jars on the new kickwheel. That baby will spin. It's not exactly set up right for me and my back isn't feeling really great right now. I need to figure out the height on the seat and add a couple of blocks to prop my feet on. Anyhow it's a good wheel.

Kharma was with me in the studio all day. Boy that's a chore having a puppy around. She loves to see the kickwheel spin. I had to install a barrier on the front to keep her from getting in there while I was working. I think she's about got me trained. I bet I got up from the wheel 20 times. It went something like this.....
'hey, I'll chew on this piece of plastic' =Ron gets up and puts it away
'hey, I'll jump on the potter's wheel' = Ron gets up, cuts a board and screws it in place as barrier.
'hey,I'll try to get up on the table and eat those pots'=Ron gets up and moves pots
'hey, I'll pee in the floor'=Ron cleans up pee
'hey I'll chew on the broom and drag it across the floor' =Ron gets up and puts away broom
'hey, I think I'll drag my blanket out of my crate and across the room'= you know what

Okay you get the picture. I bet Bernard Leach or Hamada never had to put up with this. I am well trained and didn't even get any treats.

This evening I finally started on my taxes! Ha. I always wait till the last minute.