Family Picnic

Yesterday Sarah and I rode up with her parents to Banner Elk for the Ramsey family picnic. This is Sarah's mom's side of the family, most of whom I know and love. We had a good time visiting with everyone and had a great meal. The weather was awesome, probably in the mid 70's and Sarah and I had a nice hike in the woods.

Last night we watched Everything is Illuminated. Great movie. The main character, Jonathan , travels to the Ukraine to find the woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis in 1942. This is more of an independent type film, great camera work, beautiful scenery, interesting characters, including a cool dog...Sammy Davis Jr., Jr. Watch it!

Speaking of dogs. My 11 yr old lab is not doing so well. According to the vet he is having some neurological problem that causes him not to be able to control his hind legs very well. If this gets worse we may have to have him put donwn.
Kharma is doing fine. To relieve some of the stress of keeping her contained in my studio and worrying about her running out of the yard, I ordered us an invisible fence on Friday. It should be here next week. I am hoping this works for us.

Sarah is off to a yoga class in Charlotte this morning. She has a job interview tomorrow. So put out some prayers, positive energy, cross your fingers and toes, or whatever you feel appropiate, we are really hoping she gets this job. Thanks!