Today I managed to get back in the studio for a while and make some pots. I made some slab square bowls and a large rectangular slab bowl on a hump mold I finally made last week out of plaster. I have been wanting to do this since seeing some nice pieces of this nature in a book on David Leach that I read awhile back. I also made some dinner plates. Tomorrow I expect to get in there and make some more plates, and attempt some teapots.

My drawing today is of a cupboard in the kitchen.

It's hard to eat a fudgesicle and type.

I was thinking today of what it would be like to live in a huge city in a tiny apartment. How would I decide what to keep? I could probably do without a car. I'd miss being able to walk out the front door in the middle of the night and pee under the moon and stars. I bet I'd get overstimulated from all the people and noise. I thought that I could get a job as a garbage man. That would be a nice job. Get up early. Collect the garbage, ride on the back of the truck. No worries to take home after hours. Sarah said I wouldn't be living up to my potential. Heck, I'm not doing that now. I could be a brain surgeon if I wanted to. Who needs to live up to their potential, that's gotta be highly over rated. I just want to be happy, do what makes me feel good, have a nice life, and be healthy. Which is sort of what is going on right here and now, so I doubt I'll be going to NYC or Chicago or Boston or where ever anytime soon. It would be fun to try it out though.