be me

Yesterday I finished up my dinner plates and bowls and made some teapots. I made 8 and kept 3. I don't do well when I try to make stuff that 'isn't me'. The first couple teapots I made we one's like some I had seen recently at a gallery. I thought they had a cool shape and I was going to try and copy them. No luck. They looked very contrived and out of place. Not me. So I went on to do a few more just out of my head (I don't have a standard teapot shape at the moment) and came up with a few that felt right but were sort of heavy and dumpy. So I trashed them and threw 3 more that were a bit lighter and stood up and didn't look so flabby around the bottoms. I haven't put handles or spouts on them yet. I'll see today if I have any keepers.

Drawings are of this mornings cup of tea, in my favorite Joe Bennion mug. And yesterday's cereal.