My teapots bit the dust, all but one. I don't know what I was thinking when I made these things but they were way too big. They were so big and gawdy when I got the handles and spouts on them. I kept one just because it didn't look too terrible and I have a customer who keeps asking about a big teapot. Maybe this one will be for her.

So tomorrow I'll make some smaller ones, same shape and they will be good I bet. I have to learn these lessons over and over it seems.

It's so hot here I can hardly stand it. I have a window unit for my studio, but haven't put it in yet. I'm trying to be Mr. Tough Guy. I had some customers come by today, I was sweating like a horse the whole time they were here. How embarrassing.

I made some really cool bowls today with incising. I can see this leading to my next tangent.

I sure hope gas prices level out or something, I'm not going to be able to afford to fire my kiln. I guess I'll have to find some new outlets for my work to offset the costs.

Well this wasn't a very interesting entry, hope I didn't bore you to sleep.