Out with myself

Yesterday I went to Brevard to Judith Duff's kiln opening. I wasn't really sure if I'd go or not. I was battling guilt and negative voices up until the time I walked into her studio door. I kept thinking to myself I need to stay home and work on pots, or in the yard, or something. In the end I got in my truck and left after taking care of the dog's morning needs. I knew Sarah would be sleeping in late and resting most of the day since she worked a 36 hr stint at the hospital. Anyhow once I got to Judith's I was glad I had not stayed at home. She had some really wonderful pots. Awesome shinos and pots from the train kiln and anagama. The first pot that caught my eye was a cereal sized bowl with a rich crackle red shino glaze. I thought to myself, this pot is probably $60 which I cannot spent today. I picked it up and saw that the price sticker read $400. Whoa. Well I guess I certainly WON'T be getting that one.
So I found a shino cup that looked like snow and ice, pink in places with iron spots coming through the thick feldspatic glaze. (My camera is busted or I'd put up an image.) It was $24. Much more in my price range for the day.
It was good to catch up with Judith and have her show me her new kilns and talk about all the great pots. If you get a change to visit her studio it is worth checking out. There's lots of good work in a wide price range.

I decided since I was already so close to Asheville I might as well go on up to Highwater Clay and pick up some supplies. I needed some grog and other materials for clay mixing and tests. Everything went fine until I got on the interstate about 15 miles outside of Asheville. Bumper to bumper. Oh yeah it's a holiday weekend! Well I managed to get off the interstate and go the back way to Highwater.

I got home about 4 and later Sarah and I went out with our friend David for pizza at Doc's.

I was glad to get away from home for awhile. Seeing Judith's pots was inspiring and I am all set to mix clay today and make some pots this week.