Picking and drawing

I managed to get myself out of bed at a decent hour this morning (who decides what is a decent hour anyway) and walk and feed the dogs. After that I headed up the road to pick some blackberries. We have a nice patch that I discovered late last week. Sarah and I picked about 6 cups yesterday and I picked about that much or more this morning. I am planning on baking a cobbler or deep dish pie to take to a family cookout this evening. This is all new to me so it is fun. Being out early this morning picking berries gave me lots of thoughts about primitive man (or probably woman) out gathering food. It also made me think of snakes, bees, and chiggers. My dad told me recently that my grandfather had loved to pick blackberries and would be out picking as the sun came up. I thought about this as I picked this morning and how I miss my grandfather and how much I could have continued to learn from him. I bet he'd really be interested in my pottery and kiln. I need to talk to my dad more about these things.

A friend recently turned me on to Danny Gregory. If you are interested in drawing or journaling you should check him out. I am getting interested in visual journaling. Some sites to visit are 1001 Journals and Tessha Moore's site. Some of these are really fantastic. I have been journaling since 11th grade, writing anywhere from 1 to 6 or more pages a day, usually in the mornings. I'd like to explore drawing as a journaling tool. I think expressing emotions and feelings in a visual way is sometimes easier and goes deeper than with words. It can be very engaging and freeing. Danny Gregory also speaks of drawing as being medatitive, slowing him down to the present moment. This of course would help lots of people. Read his short essays on his page under 'Recent Matters'. He also mentions this list of weekly challenges, things to draw. It would be a good place to start.