Independence Day

I am feeling really guilty today because I absolutely do not want to do anything. I have gotten totally sucked into Danny Gregory's website. There's way too much info and drawings and things to read. I did a few drawings yesterday and a couple this morning.
I did manage to make a few pots yesterday and I finished them up this morning. I then mowed the grass. That's plenty of work for today don't you think? Man I wish my camera wasn't broken I want to post some images.
I am also having an urge to go shopping. I need some new shorts, tee shirts, and a pair of low top Converse. I'd also like to replace my camera, and get some art supplies (damn Danny G.). I don't even know what's open today and anyhow my frugal, guilty mind is holding me back from leaving here.
Oh yeah, my pie turned out pretty good last night. I think I'm more of a cobbler or crisp guy though. I'm not really into crust. It's sort of opposite with pizza. I am totally into crust there. I think with fruit pies I am more interested in the fruit.
Sarah is at work. I guess I am going to just hang out for awhile. Maybe I'll go do a few more drawings. It's hot out again today. No need to over do it.
Later, Ron