Friday Pottery Roundup

Yeah it's Friday! I had a productive day, more on that in a minute. Here is a shot of the pitchers. I got them handled and slipped yesterday. I am pretty happy with these, the handles are a challenge. Below is a picture of a group of home schooled kids that came out here yesterday for a little demo and pot talk. They are all taller than their teacher, Libby (far left). They were a good group, some have been out here before.
Today, like I said was a good day. I started off taking the household trash to the landfill, after cleaning out our deep freeze and some other junk I needed to haul away. Then I made a quick trip to the grocery before getting home and to work in the studio. I have finished all the pots for my next firing, I slipped a board of yunomi, some vases, and candle holders, and unloaded my bisque from Monday. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the pots that came out of the bisque, once they were inside along with all the stuff I made this week it's quite a lot. I have probably a load and a half. I sure hope this next firing is better than the last. I am trying some new slips and a new burner arrangement. Risk is good right? So the plan is another bisque on Monday, then fire at the end of the week.
Oh right, I also worked down at the kiln some. I fitted my new door in place, brick by brick. It went well but the door opening has moved over the years and of course it's not square anymore. That meant I had to 'custom fit' two bricks in each course. This involved rubbing the bricks against a cinder block to make it a bit smaller so it would fit. That took a while, and was a good way to end the day.