Weekend Recap

I spent part of Saturday tearing out this wall between the kitchen and what will become our new living room. The new space is what used to be my pottery workshop. I was very anxious doing this just because I guess it means a commitment to getting that space finished. Lots of work to come, money to spend, etc. I am sure I'll be really happy once it's done and maybe it won't take as long as I think. I'll try and keep a little construction log here as we go.
Sunday I met with the Circle of Eight. We talked about our upcoming exhibition at NCECA in March in Louisville Ky. We also hashed out some ideas about galleries we want to approach this year. We will be having a sale in Charlotte on April 28. If you don't know, Circle of Eight are eight potters from NC and SC. We have come together as a group to promote our work, to help and support one another and because we all really like one another and it's fun.
Sunday night we had supper over at Sarah's parent's house. It was good to see them and have a visit. They mean a lot to me and I am lucky to have such good in laws.