New Week

Monday morning. It's very soggy outside, not terribly cold though. I am looking forward to spring already. I'm not much of a winter person.
I got my bisque loaded this morning, I had some pots that were still damp so it will be a long slow firing. I wish I had one of those computerized electric kilns that I could program and just forget about. My little bisque kiln is fired with gas. I have to write a "X" on my hand in ink so to remind myself it's going.(Kinda like the string on the finger idea). I tend to forget about it for hours at a time.
I will probably spend part of the day glazing and later work on the renovation. I am hoping my dad will come over to help out and give me some advice. He's really good at this sort of thing.
I am hoping to fire my salt/soda kiln at the end of the week.