Tearing down the walls

I had a lot going on today. I unloaded my last bisque and got those pots all glazed this morning. After lunch I worked on my kiln for a few hours, getting the bagwall back into place, working on the floor some more, and clearing out the kiln shed.

My dad came over around 5pm to help with my renovation. My neighbor Tracy showed up too and my brother in law Ronnie. What a good crew I have. I am fortunate to have generous people in my life. Anyhow we worked for a while and discussed getting the header in place and what's to come. I am going to be busy for the rest of the week getting my pots loaded into the kiln and fired. So I probably won't get any major work done in the house until the weekend.

That's it for now. Sarah is working late and won't be home till after 9 pm. I've got to go scrounge up something for supper in the kitchen.