Cold and Clear

Wednesday morning. It's beautiful out this morning although very cold, some where in the 20s with a bit of a wind. Nice and brisk which makes me feel alive. It will be several hours before I can crack the door to the kiln. I peeped in last night with the flashlight and things look good. I noticed one test slip that had crawled badly, but no worries as it's a test.

I had a good night teaching last night. I am really trying to share all I can with my students. I did and extensive demo on bowls and cutting feet. I see lots of pots out in the world that could use improvement and so I want to do what I can to help my students on their way to making the best pots they can. In turn, I learn a lot about my work and how I do things. My way is not always the best way or the "right" way. I tell them this and I tell them to try things, to look, to see, to explore, to not get attached. I tell this to myself too. Teaching is helping me become a better potter, a better communicator, one who listens and talks, and helps, and nutures, both the students and my inner student, me. Anyhow, I see that they are getting it. They are trying, and responding and asking questions and looking at what they are doing. That is rewarding. I got home last night alittle after 11pm, tired and ready for bed.

We are expecting a wintery mix of precipation tomorrow morning. I would love some snow but can do without the ice and freezing rain. I hope you all have a good day. Check in later for some pots.