I unloaded late yesterday. I was quite disappointed. I have had two bad firings in a row now. The problems are reduction related and my flashing slip is crawling, which really really irritates me. I am not getting the color I want with my slip when it does work either. Anyhow all the pots are down in the kiln shed, I went to look at them again this morning and decided that some of it was okay, just not what I am used to. I will post some pics as soon as I get my spirits up about the whole thing. I am going to make some calls today to see if I can get some insight as to what's happening. I went back through my kiln logs from the past 3 years last night and have layed out a plan for my next firing. I am going to try and make a quick load of bowls and easy pots so I can do it ASAP.

We are having a mix of sleet, freezing rain, and snow today. Yuck. I hope we don't lose power. I have to pack up some pots to send to a show in Ohio, luckily I have some things set back from previous firings to send.