Here is an example of what went wrong. I have emailed several people for help today and gotten some good response. Phil Rogers says he had this problem for a while and believes it is a firing problem. He suggests a hard body reduction at cone 09 followed by a short oxidation then back into light reduction for the remainder of the firing. He believes the residual salt is sealing the surface when the pots get hot early in the firing and the reduction cannot get to it. He also mentioned I may be able to save these pots by refiring them to cone 9, 10 in a neutral or oxidizing atmosphere.

I'll be getting the pots brought in tomorrow. I'll get some pictures of some of the successful ones up then. Sarah took a look at the pots today and was more optimistic than I was. (She always is). She said it wasn't nearly as bad as my previous firing. Ha! She's right. I can be a person who sees the glass half full too....half full of poison. (stolen from Woody Allen).