Pots from Thursday

I have 12 more yunomis to go on my order, here are the ones I made Tues. and Wed. I can't wait to see these all fired. It's been fun to try and make them all different. I can't really push myself to make them too far out or funky. I have my storage bank of yunomis in my head that I draw from and my practical sensibilities about what is a good pot, so I have my guidelines. I have 12 to cut feet on today and I'll make the last dozen on Monday. They will all be faceted in some way.
These little pots are called "nobbenalls". That's the Japanese word for incense box. Not really. These are called Knob and Alls, because they are thrown all in one piece, body, lid, and knob. They are later put back on the wheel and cut apart with my fettling knife to separate the lid from the body. You can see these pots in Leach's book on Hamada, plates:58 & 60.
They are great for keeping salt on the table or stove or can be used to roast a head of garlic.
Practical teapots for daily use.
A bit of a weird vase/bottle based on the pilgrim bottle that I make. I has been slipped, that's why it's so white. Anyhow it's kind of fun and reminds me of all sorts of things...a bridge, a football (American) goal, a cattle prod, an alien liquor pourer, an antelope's head...