The Claymatters Pottery Guild had their annual fall sale on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and the sale was well attended. I had great sales, thanks to everyone who visited my booth. It was fun to see what all the members of the guild have been working on. I think we had around 60 exhibitors. Below is a shot of my booth just after setting up. The Circle of Eight was well represented, and it was cool to hang out with Adrienne, Jen, Greg, Amy, and Julie. We all displayed next to one another, quite a great group to belong to.

Today, Monday, I will making a few odds and ends to finish up for my firing next week. I have a bisque going this morning and will fire another on Thurs. I was set back a little yesterday when I unloaded the last bisque firing to find that one of my big dishes had a crack. So I made a couple more yesterday to hopefully replace it. I'd like to have 2 or 3 in the firing so I can take them to the ACC show. I'll be lucky if I can get these dried out for the bisque on Thurs. I'll risk it, nothing to loose at this point.

Have a nice Monday!