Getting Ready to Load

I spent this morning unloading another bisque and bringing in those pots plus all the others from the kiln shed. Then I sorted it all out as to what would go in my next firing and what would go in the Nov. firing. I have a lot of bisqueware. The pots below plus some that are still out are slated to be loaded on Sunday. These, plus others to be made, will go in the November firing. I am planning on making lots of plates and bowls for that load. Anyhow, all this stuff will get glazed tomorrow. I mixed up a couple new glazes today, a yellow and a green. I hate mixing glaze. I am not the neatest guy in the world and I always seem to get stuff everywhere. If I would be more organized and slow down that would help.
I have had about 5 boards of misc. pots on the racks for 6-12 months. I trashed most of it. You know the saying about clearing out your wardrobe?...if you haven't worn it in a year, give it away or throw it out. These were not my best pots and there was no use in them sticking around.
That felt great.