Weekend. Work and Fun

I slept in today a little later than usual. After breakfast, which happened around lunchtime, so therefore, brunch, I got the kiln loaded. It took about 3 hours once I got started. It went well and I got in most of the pots I wanted. I'd like to have gotten in one more teapot, a large bowl, and 6 tankards. Looks like I'm gonna have to have a bigger kiln someday. Anyhow here are pics of the back and front respectively. You can see in the picture below that use some bricks as 'blockers" so some of those pots up front don't get blasted by the soda so badly.
Saturday was the annual Art of Sound Music Festival in Shelby. It's put on by the Arts Council and this is the first time I've gotten to go. (I am usually out of town this weekend). Any how it was really great. I have to admit there was way too much bluegrass for me, but the highlight for me was catching The Two Dollar Pistols from the Chapel Hill, NC area. Now, I don't normally go in for country music, especially commercial country (which the Pistols are NOT). But these guys rocked and the lead singer, John Howie Jr. has a great and unique voice and vocal style. Be sure to give a few tracks a listen on their MySpace page. We stayed in town late to catch David Childers and the Modern Don juans. They rocked out too.

I'll get the kiln going tonight and fire off tomorrow. Keep checking back for updates from the studio this week. Peace out!