More Monday

Well today was a 180 from last Monday, much less productive. I just couldn't get going. I did finish up some oval vases and threw a couple jars before lunch. I am coming off this beta blocker that I have been on for several years and I don't know if that's making me tired or what. I have an appointment with the doctor on Wednesday. Anyhow I forced myself to make some bowls and bakers after lunch and I got most of my demo for class tomorrow night set up.

I am out of clay now too. I knew I was going to run out, the plan is to buy some commercial clay that I know pretty well and use it until late March, then mix up about a ton of clay. I hate mixing in cold weather and so I am just going to wait till things warm up a little.

Tomorrow I have a committe meeting at the Arts Council and then I'll have a little time in the studio before heading out to Charoltte to buy clay and then on to class. Long day.