Psyching Myself Out

One of my problems yesterday was that I got to thinking about the upcoming exhibit at NCECA and what pots I was going to send. I have a 3 pot limit and early on I said, okay I'll send a pitcher, an animal jar, and a set of mugs (I can get away with a set being one pot). Well I talked to my friends who are in the show and they are making teapot sets, or pitcher sets, or cream and sugar sets on a tray, or what ever, cruets on little saucers. See I'm pretty low key. I make a pot and that's that. No tray, no saucer, no fancy this or that. And I am not sending a teapot, there will be 1000 teapots at NCECA. So you can already see how this self depreciating talk began in my head. So I am standing in my studio (I don't have a chair in there), thinking that I have one or two days left to make whatever it is I am going to send, (I do have some pots set aside so it's not like I have NOTHING at this point) and just thinking I need something 'great' that will not get lost in the sea of glaze and color. Well after a half day of making 3 pots I just decided to be who I am and I'll send what I want. I still don't know exactly what that will be but I do have a nice fat jar with good orange peel texture on it, and I am hoping to get a good deep footed bowl out of this next firing. Oh yea and a set of mugs. I'm not changing what I do just to get attention or try and make a sale.