End of the Week

Today I finished getting the last of the pots slipped for the next firing. I will bisque on Monday and fire on Friday or Saturday next week. I am looking forward to it.
There's a good show up at Akar gallery in Iowa City featuring yunomi. Yunomi (as I understand it) means 'hot water cup' often called tea bowls or tea cups by western potters. These do not hold the same status as a 'chawan' which is a tea bowl used in the tea ceremony. Yunomi are more of an 'everyday' cup. Anyhow that's how it was explained to me. If I'm wrong on that please fill me in. These kinds of cups are fun to make and are good warm ups or ways to sketch out ideas before beginning a run of pots. We have lots in our home and drink juice, water, soda, and yes even tea from them.