Ready, Set, Go

Monday morning and I feel swamped already. Lots happening this week but I'll get to that as it happens.
My weekend went well. The house renevoations continue, on Saturday we moved a water line and trenched a line down to my garden. That took the better part of the day and it was rather physical labor and dirty so we didn't get to anything inside. I hope this week to get a closet built and a header put in. I think the work we did on Saturday upset a mouse family because I caught 2 small mice in the house yesterday. I hope the others relocated outside somewere, or at least out of sight.
What about the Oscars? I only watched about an hour and a half. I thought Ellen did a great job hosting, good clean humor. Helen Mirin got lots of attention, but it looks like The Departed took the big prize home. I have yet to see that film or The Queen. I have seen Little Miss Sunshine, which I liked a lot.
I have a page on Southern Potters dot com now. Please visit.
My good friend Tom Gray has started blogging again. (Tom was blogging way back when was born, he's usually ahead of the times). He is a good writer so check it out often.
I've gotten my bisque going this morning and I am off to yet another committee meeting at the Arts Council. I will be firing at the end of the week!!!
Have a good Monday.